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Tiderays - Hope Single Artwork

Single – Hope

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Album – Moving On

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Tiderays - Parallel Single Artwork

Single – Parallel

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Hope - Single - Hope

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Initially, Tiderays went down more of a folk route, starting with Eddie’s solo material. That’s developed to give Tiderays more of an alt. melodic rock edge with a folk tinge, Tiderays are well on the way to fulfilling their potential. Following last year’s debut album Moving On and single Parallel, they’ve produced another gem with their latest single Hope.

Having already played many festivals over the years, including Butefest 2019 and Solfest 2019, the last big gig for Tiderays was at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow where Tiderays were the headliners. This concluded their short tour of Scotland that covered Dumfries (hometown), Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee, Arran and Glasgow.

So what a great year 2019 was and as Tiderays were geared up for another great year in 2020 sadly COVID-19 struck the world and meant all gigs were cancelled. That didn’t stop Tiderays getting in one gig between lockdowns though!

Tiderays have been using 2020 to work on new material, first of which was released as the single Hope in January 2021, and by the time they can gig again, Tiderays will surely have more! Tiderays are looking forward to the future when they can gig again, so watch this space.

Tiderays Members

Eddie Oakes – Vocals and guitar
Trevor Newport – Drums
Jane Eastham-Buckley – Guitar and keyboard
Grant McCrone – Vocals and bass